What is FungiParc ?
In the wake of the Tee'Voli Park, we offer the FUNGIPARC concept, a forest path offering fun, educational and ecological activites.
On the ruins of the TIVOLI Park, a small wooded area full of paths has just been reasonably arranged to allows visits, picnics or natural activities,  respectful of the site and secured within the framework of an agreed partnership with the city of Plombières-les-Bains (Vosges - FRANCE).

Hosted by LA PLOMBIBOISE DE LOISIRS SAS, FungiParc will offer animations on the theme of Mushrooms and Nature for individuals, groups (school, birthdays or seminars) and also for tourists and spa guests of the spa Plombières-Les-Bains
Three activities will be proposed without reservation: a course of Wood Golf (or Extreme Croquet), Treasure Hunts with geolocated Treasures and animations, contests and initiations dedicated to Land Art.

How does it work? Come freely to enjoy your Forest Golf game on opening days and times, book FungiParc to organize your children’s birthday or organize in advance the arrival of your group for a session of Land Art through our ticket office, our form, by sending us an email or by calling us directly!

Open every weekend from Saturday June 5, 2021 to Sunday October 31, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. without interruption, every day for groups (by reservation), the Fungiparc and the Tee'Voli Park can also be privatized for a sporting, associative or festive event. Our team is now at your disposal by mail, telephone or through our networks.


Wood Golf

Inspired by Extreme Croquet, an off-road version of the famous British game, the Golf Forestier offers you to challenge yourself with friends or family by reaching the target first ... while trying to prevent other players to win!

Treasure Hunt

Repeating the worldwide success of geolocated treasure hunts, the GEOCACHING ™ phenomenon or the "outdoor" or outdoor escape game, we offer you quests and treasure hunts through the FungiParc and its forest path.


Land Art

Initiated by American artists in the 1960s,
the objective of this activity is to produce an original masterpiece, without using green wood but preferring the "natural waste" directly from the natural environment and returned at the time of the disappearance of the work. The souvenir photo will therefore remain the only trace or vestige post-creation. 

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