Wood golf

Inspired by Extreme Croquet, an off-road version of the famous British game, the Golf Forestier offers you to challenge yourself with friends or family by reaching the target first ... while trying to prevent other players to win! 
Designed and manufactured in Plombières-Les-Bains, based on local essences and artisanal way by Achille Creations, the equipment proposed for rent free or on removal will allow everyone to practice this spectacular outdoor activity, accessible technically and fully secure. 
The game is played with 1 wooden mallet (shaped to recall that of a mushroom!), a mini soccer ball and 1 stake of fungal form serving target to reach or starting point of each part. 
The rules of the game are simple: in turn, each player has several attempts to hit the target. After each round of trials, the other player / team may type the mini soccerball once to send it to the set, brambles or in a direction opposite to the target. Once all the tests are exhausted or the target hit, the game stops: the player who hit the target scores a point. In this case, the point goes to the other player / team. 
The Golf Forestier kits can be rented by the day (withdrawal at the Parc Tee’Voli against delivery of the reservation voucher and the deposit of an identity document as a deposit), to be used during group sessions organized and announced in schedule or privatize for a group, a bachelor party boy or a birthday.

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