land art

Initiated by American artists in the 1960s lost in the desert who wanted to reconcile Art and Nature, Land Art consists in creating ephemeral works of art using only natural materials (wood, plants, minerals ...) without nails , no screws, no glue or tools. 
The objective of this activity is to produce an original masterpiece, respectful of the environment, without using green wood but preferring the "natural waste" directly from the natural environment and returned at the time of the disappearance of the work . The souvenir photo will therefore remain the only trace or vestige post-creation. 
Stone balancing, Japanese gardens, houses of leprechauns, earth work, buissonniers toys ... the declensions of land art seem inexhaustible! The FungiParc team is inspired by the techniques of the Landartist Marc POUYET. His works, published by the publisher PLUME DE CAROTTE, are also freely available for reading. 
Predefined "spots" punctuate the path of "fungal" activities and will welcome all Land Amateur or experienced artists by reservation, during programmed entertainment or during competitions or artistic / photographic performances organized on the site. 
Land Art can be practiced "solo" during meetings or events organized by the FungiParc. School or extracurricular public, associations or professional groups will find in this activity a great vector of cohesion, fulfillment and surpassing oneself. 

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